Dream Journal



I  have had such strange dreams lately. I dreamt that the garage was overflowing with water and the pressure of the water broke the seal of the garage door, and out came colorful fish, like a cracked fish tank about to break and release. I don’t know somehow this made sense.

Then I dreamt that my siblings and I were backing out of the drenched garage and out the driveway; and there they were, about 5 flopping colorful fish, twitching under our orange and lemon trees, trying to breathe. Strange, huh? I can’t help but feel that it means something.

I always have had very lucid dreams. I can fly in dreams and I have recently come to know that if I am terrified in a dream I can somehow escape and fly away. It’s rather cool, to be honest.

I have had very beautiful dreams of flying off of one red balloon. Others where I almost levitate and float, others where I run really fast and jump into the sky, but my favorite has been the one where I fly off on a paper box canoe over pyramids, and clouds, and into the crafty sun and sky, made out of pipe cleaners for rays, felt for sky, cotton balls for clouds, and beads for the sun.That dream was so surreal. I still can picture it.

I know why I dreamt that a long time ago. It was my subconscious telling me that I wanted to explore, learn, experience. Shortly after that dream I moved away to San Luis Obispo.

This dream however was just as impactful. Strange, but impactful. It is something to acknowledge. Especially after seeing a hawk land under the orange and lemon trees where the fish were, in real life, the same day. It flew in, right in front of the orange and lemon trees, staring at me, as big as it was, with  a wing span of a medium-sized dog, and  its prey, a pigeon, dead under its claws. It’s all so strange…

It’s a riddle I can’t solve.

yours truly,


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