Wish me luck!

I will be singing tonight at my local wine bar and I am feeling rather nervous. It is so humbling to be on stage. But you know, It’s not very often I am on stage so I am going to enjoy it as much as I can and remember why I sing, for who I sing for….

The songs I cover are so close to my heart and many peoples hearts because they heal the soul somehow. They provoke emotion of some kind and even go as far as touch the heartstrings of your soul. At least that is what it does to me. I want to be able to transcend such emotion. If I have done this than I used the stage and microphone for a good purpose and I did not take my time on stage for granted.


Wish me luck please! I sure do need it.  I am facing fear head to head and I think I’ve got a chance!

be courageous and face your fears, good things always come after it.


Always, always,


your very own,



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